Chevy C10 Big Block Headers Chevy C10 Big Block Headers

Chevy C10 Big Block Headers

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For those of you looking for the ONLY headers built specifically for "laying frame". Our newly designed truck headers allow you to do just that without any possibility of the headers touching the ground.

We use heavy wall 14 gage steel tubing (.083) thick, 3/8" thick laser cut flanges, 14 gage tubing for our collectors and take great pride in our finish work.

We do complete welds, around each primary tube, whenever possible.

This gives the header a more "finished" appearance, reduces areas for rust to start and adds superior strength.

We hand finish each port and machine the face of the flange flat.  This allows the flange to fully seat to the head, insuring there is no reduction in flow.

We offer all flange options but have found the ball/socket connection to be the best all around connection.

They offer a leak-free seal without the use of a gasket, allow for some movement and adjustability during the install and they are much more reliable than a flat flange.

Primary tube sizes are available in 2" for the Big Block.


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