About Us

Our mission is to provide excellent nationwide customer service with the personal touch of a local shop, and to produce high quality performance headers, exhaust and intake systems, dedicating our attention to detail and going above and beyond to ensure the highest quality products possible.   

We value:

  • Our customers and respect their interest and dedication to prestige cars

  • The automobile industry as a business and as a way of life

  • The shared intense passion for Impala’s and prestige cars

  • Doing the right thing no matter the cost

  • Putting good work ethics above making a profit

  • Building the best products possible
  • Hard work and

  • A job well done

Our vision is to be recognized as the best provider of headers, exhaust and intake systems in the country, to serve loyal car owners globally, to increase our line of products and markets and to continue to be the leading provider in header development.

The Clear Image Crew:

* PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW INTERNS from Highline's very own Big Picture High School

Alicia Brewer: Summer part time office employee

She enjoys spicy Chinese food, hanging out w/ friends and plays basketball.

Daniel Ferraro: Owner

He is originally from Boston, a former marine (Semper-Fi) and loves good Italian food.

Todd Cason: Fabricator and welder (Specializing in stainless steel & aluminum)

He used to race street bikes, doesn't drink coffee and enjoys classic rock.

Nicole Strong: Office

Loves barbeques, hanging out with her fiancé, kids and working here of course!

How Clear Image Automotive Started

I (Dan) started Clear Image Automotive in December of 1999. I had purchased my 1995 Black Impala SS in the summer of 95. I started to add bolt-on performance parts and soon found myself at a stand still.  I was ready to purchase headers and could not find a decent set. All the shorty headers available had foolish designs and the power increase was not worth the effort. 

I could not find any full length headers and decided to start my own business. I have always worked in a service oriented industry and applied what I had learned to my customer service. In the beginning Clear Image was internet based only. All headers were sub-contracted. In the spring of 2003 I had the opportunity to share a small shop with another small business owner, Brian Hunter of Get Bent Fabrication.

This allowed all header production to come in-house and our product line began to expand. Brian is extremely talented and one of the hardest and most dedicated individuals I have ever met. Though he left just one year later, we maintain a great professional and personal relationship and he has played, and continues to play, a major role in helping Clear Image grow and succeed.

Just one year later I moved into a new facility with a store front and plenty of space to grow. A great friend, Brandon Aynes joined me for a couple years. His knowledge of machining, welding and fabrication is incredible and I still consider him a mentor when it comes to metal working and design.

Equipment and tool supply continued to expand as well as my products and services. In October 2004 Todd Cason became my primary fabricator. With his vast knowledge and experience working with stainless steel I was able to expand My product line and take production of many parts in-house.

In January 2006 I made a large expansion in business by purchasing my first Mandrel Bending machine, as well as several hydraulic presses and a tubing cutter. This allowed Clear Image once again, to take several products in-house which were being purchased from other suppliers.

I am happy to say Clear Image now has complete manufacturing capability and has been able to branch off to the wholesale side of things by producing several different private label products for several new companies.

In May 2007 I made another move to an even larger facility. There is plenty of room to grow and through established personal and professional relatioships with Vince of TriFecta Performance and Steve Kinney of Carb's Unlimited (our neighbor), we have been able to expand services to include dyno tunig and testing.

Beth Faulkner joined me as a college intern as she completed her Bachelors degree from Washington State University. She did such an incredible job as an intern, I hired her full time. She developed many of the office procedures I still use to date.

She was and will always be a key factor Clear Image has grown and has been able to maintain such incredibly loyal customer relationships and friendships. Her expertise is in Public Relations and she left me just 2 short years later to further her carreer. Her services are still provided to Clear Image as an independent consultant.

In August 2010, Todd Cason left to pursue other goals. Anthony Colee became my head fabricator. He has been with me for almost 7 years. He is an incredible fabricator and one of the best welders in the industry. He has independently continued his fabrication and welding education and strives to be the best at what he does. I look forward to working with him for many years to come as we continue to develop high performance exhaust systems.

Customer service has always been my key focus, besides product development. At Clear Image Auto, we simply treat our customers as we expect to be treated when visiting other establishments as customers ourselves. It's simple and it works. Almost 100% sales have resulted from "word of mouth" advertisement. We will continue to focus on service and research new technologies, products and applications!

To all my customers:
Thank you very much for your support!
Clear Image Automotive would not be here today without YOU!