Clear Image Automotive offers high heat ceramic coatings capable of withstanding exhaust gas temperatures of 1300° F in our Chromex finish and over 2000° F in our Satin finishes. These coatings possess excellent thermal barrier characteristics, providing a dramatic reduction in radiated heat.

This means reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the entire exhaust system, not to mention their chemical and corrosion resistance.

All pieces are first sandblasted with garnet and walnut shell media inside and out to ensure the removal of any foreign matter that could impede proper application, and then re-blasted with aluminum oxide to give the surface the perfect tooth for the coating to adhere. 

All pieces are then coated inside and out to seal in the metal, protecting them from rust and corrosion, and giving them the best possible performance properties.

Now available ... a 1000 degree clear for sealing your intake manifolds ... keeps them looking new!