Production/Fabrication & Shipping Policy


2- Our products are custom built to order and not usually in stock.

Headers, exhaust and intake kits are custom built to order, so the exact shipping date can not be guaranteed, usually 3 to 6 weeks from the time the order is placed.

3- Clear Image is a micro biz; only two full time & two part time staff.

We are a small shop with many customers so daily/weekly up-dates on "order status" is not possible. We do our best to return every phone call and answer every email and private message from the forums but there are just not enough of us to get to them all.

4- Our products are hand crafted.

5- Therefore, they TAKE AWHILE TO BUILD - about 3-6 weeks.

Fast shipping, highest quality parts and outstanding customer service is almost impossible to offer. Our focus is on two of them: highest quality parts and outstanding customer service.

If you want fast shipping we suggest ordering readily available parts from one of several large parts houses on the internet. But be prepared to accept you will most likely sacrifice quality or customer service. Our goal has never and will never be "high volume".

6- As they are the best, THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT!

We do not offer the lowest prices. We do not offer the fastest shipping. We offer the best products for your car with workmanship above and beyond anything else available. We offer superb service with people who care about your automotive performance needs and strive to meet those daily. We provide the best warranty in the industry.

7 - Because we are a small shop we do not have time to update everyone. If you haven't heard from us, we are behind.

If you do not receive a reply to your email or private message, we are behind. Please be patient and we ask you do not send additional emails or private messages. This bumps everything else to the bottom making it more difficult to respond. If your order has not shipped yet, it isn't ready.

We will ship when all parts are available, all fabrication is complete and orders have been reviewed for accuracy. NOTHING else will speed-up shipping. Rather shipping will most likely be delayed further as available time each day is lost with explanations about the reasons your order hasn't shipped yet.

8 - You will get a tracking number via email when your order ships.

We absolutely will NOT bump shipping ahead for customers who are in a rush. Orders are processed first come, first serve. We absolutely will NOT accept additional payments to "Bump" an order ahead of other customers who have been waiting. We absolutely will NOT up-grade shipping to accommodate "races, shows, etc.". If a customers order is complete and ready to ship, they have the option of paying for expedited shipping.

9 - We Prefer to Ship via UPS and/or FedEx.

We have a daily pickup scheduled when we use one of these carriers, so we prefer to use them.

10 - Shipping via the United States Postal Service.

We will ship via the US Post Office with these conditions:

  • a $45.00 surcharge applies
  • once a week, on Fridays

This is based on our $95 / hr shop rate, and a minimum travel time of 30 minutes.  We will ship small parts daily, as long as they fit into our standard sized mail box.   Please understand that special Post Office trips delay other customers' orders. 

Cheers from the Clear Image Crew!