Private Label

Here at Clear Image Automotive we have developed our own program to work with innovators and marketers. Some of you have brilliant ideas for new products but do not have the ability to physically create them, let alone bring them to the production stage for marketing.

As a manufacturer of high end exhaust products we have the expertise and ability to precision bend, form, assemble and weld. This allows us to take your idea from concept to production in an efficient, accurrate, manner. In addition to the design work, we build custom fixtures and jigs to precisely locate each tube, flange and collector.

This insures an exact fit every time as well as providing an efficient process to fabricate the product. As a small manufacturer we take pride in offering the greatest value for our Private Label customers. We adhere to JIT manufacturing techniques to reduce the waste (scrap) generated during production.

This enables us to offer our Private Label customers the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality. For more information on our Private Label program please give us a call.