Clear Image Automotive has been in business for over 11 years. We design and produce our own line of high performance exhaust systems, transmission cross members, intake kits and other custom metal items.

We own and utilize several computer controlled Mandrel benders as well as hydraulic presses, plasma cutters, different types of metal saws and both MIG welders and TIG welders as well as oxy acetylene gas welders.

At Clear Image Automotive our approach to performance header design differs from other manufacturers and fabricators. Throughout the industry, the terms "equal length" and "tuned" are used in header marketing. Ideally, we agree a perfectly designed header should be equal length. 

However, because most customers are purchasing headers for their every day street cars and trucks, the header design must allow for clearance around accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and lines, ABS and brake lines, factory installed emissions systems, decorative engine covers, etc.

Whether you are a weekend hobbyist, looking to build your own set of custom headers for your car, or you own and operate a job shop, designing and installing custom gates or decorative railings, we can provide you with raw materials or components required to complete your project.

We offer computer controlled mandrel bending as a precision service. This means we have several different universal bends available in many different sizes; ranging from 1 1/2" diameter bent on a 2 1/2" radius up to 3" diameter bent on a 4" radius. We can also bend to your specifications.

In addition to bending we have many exhaust collectors available, as well as the ability to flare, form, expand and reduce many tubing sizes. As a manufacturer, we work with other manufacturers in many different industries.

We have parts available to us that have been laser cut, water jet cut, CNC machined and router cut. Examples of these items are header flanges, collector flanges, brackets, etc. If you need raw materials or individual parts, please give us a call.

We are happy to work with individuals as well as Job shops, wholesalers and other manufacturers.