Nissan 350Z Headers

Nissan 350Z Headers

Nissan 350Z Headers

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In 2003, in cooperation with "Get Bent Fabrication" we designed our Ultra free flowing headers for the 350Z.  We took a close look at all the other systems being offered and decided to approach it a little differently.

The headers are a very straight forward mid-length design made of 14 gauge mild steel (.083 wall thickness). Most other companies are using flimsy 18 gauge with a .047 wall. The primary tubes are 1 5/8" and use 2 1/2" collectors with convenient ball/socket flanges. They are longer than the stock manifolds and will require our converters or extended hook-up pipes.

The hi-flow catalytic converters are 2 1/2" 590 cfm metallic core series. They have been tested at the track against straight pipes and the numbers were virtually identical.  2 1/2" extended hook-up pipes (off-road use only)  are also available. Both will bolt between our headers and the stock cat-back exhaust location.

Nissan 350Z Headers
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 Mid-length headers with CERMACHROME ceramic coating.

 350Z-000 1 5/8" header (Requires custom installation) Custom $450.00
 350Z-001 extended hook-up pipes (Off-road use only)  Bolt-in $125.00
 350Z-002 high-flow stainless steel converters  Bolt-in  $395.00





Installation of the headers is accomplished entirely from below and does NOT require anything but the cold air system to be removed. 

You DO NOT have to drain the block, the radiator, remove the water pipe, disconnect the steering shaft, etc....  In fact, you don't even have to remove the dust cover on the bottom.

This ease of installation saves lots of time, labor and most important if you are paying for the install:  YOU SAVE MONEY!